If every time that the holiday season rolls around, you find that your social calendar fills up rather quickly, you definitely want a wardrobe that will complement the occasion. So, as you’re in the process of getting your budget together so that you can do a little outfit shopping, here are five holiday party season fashion and style tips that you should keep in mind – things that will have you looking your absolute best. [click to continue…]

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There are a lot of fashion designers and runway models who will tell you that ever since they can remember, they’ve had a real eye for fashion. So, if you have a special young lady in your life who seems to have a special knack for putting her wardrobe together, this would be the time to nurture it. [click to continue…]

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How to Pack Your Child’s Bag for Sleep-Away Camp

June 15, 2014

There are a lot of us who have pretty fond memories of going to camp when we were children. And now that we’re parents who have kids of our own, we’re just as excited about providing this kind of opportunity for our children as well. But before you drive your kids to sleep-away camp, it’s [...]

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Top 5 Show-Stopping Prom Night Beauty and Style Tips

June 13, 2014

Prom night is a Big Deal for most teens, capital B, capital D. And you want to look your best on this special night. But this will require some prep work, and it could start several months before the date of your event. And of course, there are several things you’ll need to do in [...]

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5 Juniors Swimwear Trends for 2014

May 21, 2014

When you’re a teenager and it’s the peak of the summer season, one thing that’s definitely on your mind is spending some time in the swimming pool in your backyard (or at a friend’s house) or better yet, going on vacation at the beach. But before you head out, something that you need in order [...]

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Top 5 Flower Girl Dress Shopping Tips

May 4, 2014

Although all eyes are on the bride on her wedding day, if there’s a close runner-up, it would have to be the flower girl. There is something that is just so adorable about a little lady, dressed up in a beautiful gown with flowers in her hand that makes all of us smile with joy [...]

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Top 5 Trends in Girl’s Swimwear for 2014

May 1, 2014

Whether the girls in your household are still in elementary school or they’re heading into their tween or teen years, they tend to grow so fast that they generally need new swimwear from one season to the next. And while this can definitely cost you some money, it does ensure that your daughters can keep [...]

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How to Find Stylish and Supportive Winter Boots for Young Girls

April 30, 2014

Shopping for quality winter boots that are practical, supportive and stylish at the same time is a challenge for anyone, no matter your age or gender! If you are having trouble finding boots that are just right for the young girl in your life consider your options. These tips will help you to find a [...]

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The Proper Way to Disinfect Your Kid’s Toys

June 4, 2013

When it comes to kids – germs are everywhere. On their toys, on their clothes and even on their hands and feet. Some of these germs are completely innocuous, but many of them carry harmful agents that could cause sickness and no parent likes to see their child sick. Yet, the younger the child, the [...]

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How to Plan a Fun Girl’s Day at the Spa

May 20, 2013

When the stress and strain of daily life become frustratingly overwhelming, the best thing you can do is take time to relax and unwind. A fun girls’ day at the spa is the perfect solution for injecting a little fresh activity into your stale routine. You spend so much of your time every day working [...]

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