Cute and Stylish Decorating Themes for a Young Girl’s Bedroom

When you first brought your baby girl home, her room was decorated just the way you wanted. Now, she’s a little bit older and discovering her own personal tastes. This means that the “cutesy pie” look that worked so well for the first five (or so) years of her life is not working out quite so well anymore. So, it’s time to think about some other cute and stylish decorating themes for your not-so-little-anymore growing girl.

The thing is, while she has some ideas of what she likes (such as colors), she’s not yet old enough to clearly articulate what she really wants. This is where you come in. This is also where this article can assist you in narrowing down some options when it comes to some of the latest bedroom decorating trends.

Bright and bold. If you have a daughter with a big personality, why not give her a bedroom to match? Wall colors like orange, pink or green can be a wonderful complement to a comforter with big flower petals and blinds with vertical stripes. The perfect accents can include a ceiling fan that has handmade paper lanterns hanging from it and a handmade sign on the door with her name in a brightly-colored frame.

A place to entertain. Does your daughter have a lot of friends that come over? If so, a daybed is a practical option. This will provide the room with more space. Pick a bedroom set that’s in her favorite color and accessorize it with a couple of fabric chairs (or child-sized loveseat), an ottoman (to put her toys or games in) and some huge throw pillows so that her friends can sit on the floor while hanging out.

Go artsy. Are there signs of you having a female Picasso in the making? If so, spark that artistic gift by either having a mural painted in her room or by painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint (which you can get on Amazon or virtually any local hardware store). Complement either one with a bunk bed (to allow for more creative space), tile floors (so that messes are easier to clean), and a bookshelf where she can display all of her one-of-a-kind creations. Another nice addition to this theme? Purchase a three-way lamp and some gel cuts for a variety of colors. Gel cuts are available at websites like

Half bedroom/half study. A trend that is catching more parents’ attention is creating a room that has one side for rest and play and the other for studying. No, you don’t have to add onto the house to make this happen. All you need is a curtain to separate one side of the space from the other. The cool thing about this option is that it provides the opportunity for the “sleep side” to have one theme and the “study side” to have another. So, if your daughter is old enough to strike up a compromise, let her have free reign with the concept of the bedroom and you with the study. A way to do this where there is symmetry is to have an agreed upon three-base color palate along with 2-3 patterns that complement one another. Once that is set, you can build your concept from there. For instance, you might end up with a lavender bedroom with pink polka dotted bedding on the bed side and pearl stripes in the study.

Be elegant. Some little girls are extremely ladylike from the start. If your daughter fits this description, consider creating an atmosphere that she can grow with (and into). Color the walls a neutral or mild pastel shade. Opt for curtains instead of blinds (maybe lace or silk) and string from them faux pearls or crystal-looking diamonds. Purchase art prints for her walls and opt for a canopy or sleigh bed. The perfect final touch is a wooden dresser with a vase for fresh flowers on top of it. This all may sound a bit pricey, but you can find cheap bedroom sets online (Target, Wal-Mart,, etc.) and is one store that has awesome deals on bedding.

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