Fun and Worthwhile Team Building Games for Girls

Team building exercises are conducted by organizations and classes to promote relationship and cooperation amongst individuals that make up the group. Also, it doubles as a bonding opportunity wherein everyone can mingle with one another within a fun atmosphere. A team building activity involving girls should provide engaging activities that are worthwhile and serve its purpose.

When deciding on team building activities for girls, there are a few factors to consider including age of the girls, purpose of the activity, group size, and the chosen location. But you need not worry because there are plenty of options for you. Some of them are discussed in brief below.

The Hula Hoop game is one of the most popular games for young girls. Thus, it is an evident choice for fun activities during their team building. You can do this by having the girls line up side by side with each other while holding hands. The Hula Hoop must start from one end but instead of using the waist to do the Hula Hoop, these girls must use their arms instead. It will require cooperation amongst all participants in the game to move the Hula Hoop from one arm to the next until you’ve reach the opposing end of the line. The group of girls to finish the entire Hula Hoop wins the race. This activity is designed to improve communication and understanding of one another’s role.

The Trust Walk is also another worthwhile team building exercise that girls can participate in. This is a very simple game that requires bandana to play with. All girls must line up in a single file while blindfolded. Each girl must take the hand of the one in front of them, as well as that in the back. A leader will be tasked to give out instructions and see if the rest of the girls can follow. The moderator of the team building activity will later on decide which leader was able to properly communicate instructions to the group.

When you are planning to involve young girls for a team building exercise, you can get more ideas from the teambuildinggames website. This will ensure that all participants will have a good time and learn at the same time.

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