How to Encourage Your Teen Daughter to Dress Approriately

Remember the days when you laid out your little girl’s clothes for school…and she actually wore them? If you have a teenage daughter, memories like those are probably a distant memory. She has her own taste and ideas of what’s in style and what works for her. And so now you’re the one adjusting to what she looks like on some mornings. If you’ve been wondering how you can find a happy medium between celebrating her individuality and encouraging her to dress appropriately, these tips may make life a bit easier—for the both of you.

Check her self-image. When a girl feels like she’s beautiful, both inside and out, there’s less of a need to have to dress in a way that will draw attention to her body. Make sure to complement her on things outside of our physicality like her generous spirit or intelligence. Don’t hesitate to ask her from time to time what she likes about herself too. An “All About Me” journal is a great way for her to focus on her strong points.

Get into (modern) fashion with her. The latest trends may be the last thing on your mind, but you can best believe that it’s on your daughter’s radar. If she doesn’t have one already, surprise her with a subscription to a teen fashion magazine like “Teen Vogue” or one that features trends like “Seventeen”. There are also shows on television like “How Do I Look?” and “What Not to Wear?” that, in watching them with her, would set a great stage for discussing what’s appropriate and not appropriate based on her age and size. By hearing a stylist talk about those things and you simply commenting on their views, she’ll probably be more open to some of your suggestions.

Discuss image. If you look at some of the female celebrities today, when it comes to what they’re wearing, it might tempt you to double upon on some vitamins to deal with all of the pressure that your daughter has to deal with (you can find a promo code on, by the way!). Ask your daughter about the female celebrities that she’s into and if she likes their style or not. If she does, and you don’t, talk about why you feel some of the person’s choices may not be best and discuss how your daughter can maybe use some of the actress or singer’s influence in a more positive way.

Go shopping with her. Very few teenagers would turn down a sentence like, “Hey, let’s go clothes shopping today.” Although it will cost you a few bucks and hours of time, it’s well worth the investment because you will be able to see, first hand, what your daughter’s interests are. If she wants a backless top, find a cute little tank top to go under it. She wants to rock a mini-skirt? Those tend to look less risqué with flats rather than heels. In spending quality time with her while going through the racks, you can find ways to incorporate some of your tastes with the latest trends. Besides, once you’ve reached a compromise, you never know: she may not mind you buying some things without her being present. The plus in that is that you can then pick up clothes for her on your own time. Even online, if you’d like. When you’re both on the same page, it could be fun looking for a cute sundress at or free shipping for Old Navy to get a pair of jeans.

There’s a time and place for things. One of the biggest fashion faux pas that a teenage girl makes is not understanding when it’s the right time to wear a certain kind of outfit. A strapless party dress that’s above the knees will probably work well for prom; not for church. There’s nothing wrong with a bikini if it’s on the beach; however, using the top to go to a house party is not the best decision. Make it a point to share with her that in life, the first impression that is made is based on appearance and one always should be proactive in sending the right message. A girl should feel like she’s respected for her fashion sense not gawked at for her outfit.

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