Top 5 Hair Removal Tips for Teen Girls

Upper lip hair is a teenage girl’s worst enemy. In fact, any kind of facial hair on a girl is not attractive. Yet, when you are a teenager and your hormones are raging out of control, you might see more and more unwanted hairs sprouting up. In fact, a slight mustache or peach buzz is common among young women, but it can also be unsightly and embarrassing. Your best girlfriends will have a million different suggestions as to how you should get rid of it, but some of them can be totally wrong and can even make the situation worse. Here are 5 hair removal tips for teen girls.

  1. Bleaching cream only lightens and does not completely get rid of facial hair. Also, it is important to use a hair-bleaching product that is for the face only. As a teenage girl, your skin is already incredibly sensitive, so you don’t want to make it worse. You will also have to repeat this process every two weeks, because you can run the risk of showing roots on your lady mustache, which can be even more unattractive.
  2. If you use a hair removal cream, or even bleach for that matter, make sure to test it out first on your arm. Just take a little dab and put it somewhere on your arm to test your skin’s reaction. If you start developing an irritation or hives, you probably shouldn’t use that product. However, if you don’t notice any redness or swelling, it will probably work with your skin and won’t cause an unsightly rash.
  3. Pay close attention to the directions of any hair removal product. Most of these products have caustic or corrosive chemicals and if left on for too long can cause damage to the skin. The last thing you want if to show up at school the next day with a big chemical burn mark where your mustache used to be. So the first thing you should do is read all the directions and precautions before you apply the product.
  4. Read the epilator review website thoroughly before you buy an epilator. An epilator, which is sort of like an electric razor for women, can be a great device to remove hair, but you want to make sure that other consumers have had a pleasant experience using a certain model or brand before you invest in the device yourself. This can be done by simply searching for epilators on any of the major search engines.
  5. Lastly, make sure to wash your face and rinse afterwards. If you’ve used some kind of epilator device it might be wise to wash your face and then use some kind of lotion. For teenage girls, hair removal isn’t just a one step process, but involves a lot of steps so that your skin looks the healthiest and freshest. One of the secrets to a great face wash is to start off with warm water and then rinse with cold, which can close the pores and reduce the risk of acne flare-ups or blackheads.

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