Using Bulletin Board at School

If you are a teacher in a girl’s school, you are probably aware of the importance of bulletin boards for not only important announcements, but also to make imaginative use of these boards to arouse curiosity in little girls. Often talking and teaching the subject matter becomes dreary and boring, and this is where creatively designed bulletin boards come in handy to let students learn in a fun way. In every school, in fact every classroom there is a bulletin board, and often principal’s judge teachers on the basis of how they make use of these boards to communicate with their children as they find little time to go to every class an see what the teacher is doing.

Ideas for bulletin boardBulletin boards have in effect become a test of any teacher’s creativity and they provide evidence of the effectiveness with which he or she is using them to teach her children. Teachers are seen decorating these boards and writing important messages on them, often to remind the students about what they are expected to do. The best way to start is to write on any topic related with the curriculum that the teacher is currently working with. Teacher has to think of a theme before decorating the bulletin board. It is easy to use season as the theme as there are seasonal indications which can be easily used to decorate the bulletin board. If it is the season of apples, ask the students to make cutout of apples and stick them to the board. Let girls come up with word problems and hang up their work on the apple tree that you have created on the board to make it look attractive. Add some decorations relating to autumn and you would have a perfect bulletin board. These bulletin boards also keep the students interested all the time.

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